'If I had only one dollar left I'd spend it on marketing' (Bill Gates)
...and yet I intend to show you that YOU can be your own best PR and it doesn't have to cost anything - well other than your time and your passion and enthusiasm. 
How to Market Yourself Personally and Professionally
A 12 part step by step on-line Video Course with downloadable workbooks to teach you how to become your own best PR, and get You and Your Brand Seen Heard and Sold in the modern marketplace.

In this course you’ll learn the importance of the 4 C’s 
  •   Clarity
  •   Content,
  •   Confidence,
  •   Connections.
I’ll show you how to master these components to enable you and your brand to get noticed, attract the visibility, clients, key influencers, media attention and the perfect ideal clients to get you Seen heard and SOLD.
In this Training series of 12 videos and downloads, you’ll learn how to;
  •    Define Your USP
  •    Define Your Ideal Client
  •    Define What You want for your business and life
  •    Reach your Ideal Clients
  •    Write That Book
  •    Master the tricks of Image Led Content
  •    Master Confidence and Charisma
  •    Create A Winning Presentation
  •    Be a Great Interviewee
  •    Attract Clients and Media attention
  •    Know what Journalists and Producers Want
  •    Get exposure and Visibility
With this unique training Course I’ll show you all the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years that changed me from a shy teenager with a stutter to BBC Presenter and motivational speaker, and from an unknown first time author to an Amazon #1 Best selling Author.
100% Guarantee
Your money back if you are not satisfied with this course
Marketing for 2017
This course will help you plan
your PR Strategy NOW!
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